Does Wall Art Have To Match?

Many people wonder if it is necessary to match well or at least match up when displaying art on the wall. They question if they are being too fussy or perhaps being too dull. To be honest, matching up wall art doesn’t need to be that difficult.

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It may seem as though you need to pick out the artwork for your walls based on who you are and what you like. However, it is more about being harmonious with the space rather than a strict adherence to what is fashionable. When you use a tasteful and carefully selected piece of art you will be more apt to display it in a manner that pleases you and others in the room. It will become an important part of the room rather than something that simply blends in. That means that the wall art doesn’t need to necessarily match well.

The first thing to consider is the size and shape of the wall area in which you intend to display your art. This should be based on the size of the pieces you choose to buy. If you have limited space, don’t opt for large or oversized pieces. Keep in mind that your guests will be looking at the wall decor of the room, not the size of the pieces.

Size is often considered as the defining factor when choosing wall decor. However, that shouldn’t be the only criterion for picking out decorative art. The art also needs to work well with the overall decor and lighting of the room. You also don’t want a piece overflowing with unnecessary or distracting colors. Matching the wall art to the general atmosphere is also important.

If you have dark colored walls, you may want to avoid using art that features bold colors. On the other hand, if you have light colored walls you would be wise to display works with vibrant colors. Remember that art is only displayed in your home if it works with the existing design and atmosphere.

Another thing you need to keep in mind when considering the theme of the room is the theme of the person who lives in the house. If he loves modern art, he may be disinclined to a formal setting. Thus, it helps to know whether the wall art you choose will fit this particular person’s personality. For this purpose, you should consider what theme your guest will be coming in contact with during his stay. For instance, if your guest is a business professional, you can go for themes such as clean cut, sleek and metallic.

The texture and feel of the wall art is another important factor to consider when deciding whether the pieces should be included in the room. If your wall is painted a neutral color, you can choose to be that is slightly more elaborate. On the other hand, if the wall is painted in a bold color, you would do well to choose more simple pieces. You may want to choose art that has a soft feel to it. This would help you make sure the walls of the room do not feel overwhelming.

Finally, make sure that the piece of art you buy matches the rest of the room. Art needs to work with the colors in a room to create a harmonious entire appearance. This means that if the piece of art you are looking at matches a sofa or a bed, you will still get that effect. Thus, even if the piece of art is on the walls, it does not automatically mean it has to match the rest of the furniture.